dual boot windows8.1 with ubuntu14.04

Lenovo Thinkpad 440s:

As of 2015.10.10, followed the instructions here and installation was successful. It is new laptop, so did not bother with Step 2 – that of backing up current windows set up and files.

When using “boot repair”, the source code given in the instructions did not work. Found the answer in the comments below and that installs it right:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair

Then again, “Boot Repair” wouldn’t repair, says “The current session is in legacy mode. Reboot and use this software in EFI session to enable this feature…

Rebooted the computer, entered BIOS but could not change the option of booting into UEFI (under Security). In my machine, Legacy was set as the first preference. Found out, this option is available only if I log into the boot using the Supervisor password. Fortunately, remembered this password (for once!), entered BIOS again, changed to boot mode to UEFI only.

Reboot (with the Ubuntu Live USB plugged in), press F12, to go the boot order. select USB and this time (for the first time) I see the familiar GRUB loader. Selected “Install Ubuntu” though Ubtuntu is already installed…

Connected to the Internet, click continue, until it comes to the “installation type” where there are many options of what to do… Here, I quit the installation. May be I could have simply selected the “try Ubuntu Live” from the Grub options and saved all this trouble. Not being a wiz…, it takes a lot more time to work things out by trial and error.
Back to the Ubuntu desktop.

Start up the terminal, install “boot repair” again as above, and start it up.

click OK when asked to backup data (in my case there was nothing to back up), and click on “recommended repairs”.

From here, follow the steps outlined here. In my case, when asked if I want to remove GRUB2 from /boot/grub/, I clicked “YES” and proceeded till the cursor is back to the prompt.

Now back to the Boot Repair and click “forward” … back to the standard instructions.

Fortunately, when Boot Repair had done its job, and I rebooted it booted by default into Ubuntu. So, didn’t have to fix things at the windows end.

Next, tweaks to personalise Ubuntu14.04 🙂


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